Tuesday, June 18, 2013


I dove deep
Straight into the heart
If such a thing might be called a heart
I went looking for answers
Yet I find myself drowning in the questions
I need to find something
Something humanity lost long ago
Maybe they disliked the constant challenge
Maybe saving the world is just too much work for any one species
No, it’s here, always has been, right from the beginning
I see that spark that glimmer of hope
It didn’t die; it was just discarded, for all the trouble it caused
Turns out most of the people were happy to see it go
It was different, unruly an unknown variable
So of course it had to go, no place for it here
The United States Government won the game of Monopoly
It was the citizens who lost
But we’re still here
& amongst us?
An unknown variable
A random ideation
One match
to set the whole world on fire