Thursday, July 19, 2012

Wrath & America

Walking down broken asphalt
I live & die at the mercy of external forces
Mortal man, clay, dust, & earth
Yet our actions define us, not our concerns
Nor our mysteries or conjectures
You either live to help or to take
The World is full of takers
Would be kings, we just call them CEOs now
They own our political & media systems
We are slaves, some unwilling
Most just trying to get through this
Our thoughts are clouded, void, without form
Maybe from the drugs, legal or otherwise
Maybe from the contamination in the tap water
Maybe from sitting night after night
Reading about the True Horror
That has become our World
They show us pictures of starving children
Of little girls; prostitutes for foreign nations
You can’t help but feel angry
Maybe you gasp, or pray
You might even donate
Never knowing what use the money is going to
Ship them water & they drink
Ship them money & Warlords buy black market weapons
Whatever it takes to defend themselves in a World gone to Hell
We are the willful ignorant, the comparative children of Paradise
We are a Nation of soothsayers, we know the truth
Most of us keep it to ourselves, sometimes, someone steps out of line
Tasers to the back & felony charges keep most men contained
Maybe prison cells of iron, steel, perhaps the mind
Our rulers, the electorate, as if our choices matter
Not in a nation run by the Federal Reserve & Corporate Interest
The Military Industrial Complex
Not so complex, mostly straightforward
War generates a lot of jobs
War serves itself as it’s only master
Empires are always consumed by it
Ideals like truth, justice, & morality are forgotten
When you torture enemy soldiers
When you kill civilians
You become the thing we claim to hate
Intolerance & violence have become American Hallmarks
We worship all the wrong things, but most of all
We worship Profit
I don’t see our Empire changing course
I witnessed the fall of Rome
In my mind’s eye I see it all again
An Empire at War with Itself
A house divided we have become
Unless we make drastic changes
We will not stand
We will kneel to foreign powers
The American Dream will dissolve
Into a Great Nightmare
The future is bleak
But we have options
I believe in fighting to turn the tide of history
If we fail our convictions today
Our children will suffer the consequences tomorrow

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