Saturday, July 7, 2012


If I could sing like Aaron Lewis
Could I break your hearts to match the beating of my own
If I could travel through time
Would I hold the hands of Kurt Cobain
Tell him that I love him like my own son
How he’s a father, brother, & soul mate
All in one?
Would I have the courage to finally
Sing the songs I’ve written on my heart?
If I let it all go on a blacked out stage
Singing all alone, would a star descend
Would a new Universe begin?
Should I have prayed for an easier life
Instead of the will to be a stronger man?
Should I have broken down & given in
Instead of having my soul shattered
Into pieces of liquid light flowing all around?
If I asked more questions & gave you fewer answers
Would you tell me that you love me?
If I were dying would you sweetly lie just one last time?
Tell me I’m not a bad man & I’ll be missed when I’m gone
Would you, could you, hold my hand, look me in the eyes
Tell me what I’ve been dying to hear for so long?
Am I the combination of all my hopes & dreams
Or am I the nightmare which they fear?
Tell me my friend, when I am gone
Will anyone care that I was here at all?

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