Saturday, July 14, 2012


I am a Spartan
Chosen at birth
Born & breed for War
While wise men debate
I embody Ares
Every fiber of my being
Aching for Death in Battle

Flogged as a boy
Time & time again
Until my blood ran
Swiftly as a river
I fought back against the mighty
I do not yield
I do not surrender
I do not serve 
I do not kneel
I know the blade
I know the sword
I know the smell of rot & decay
My flesh is weak & my Will is strong!

I am stronger than my ancestors
Faster, just a touch more enlightened
I speak two languages: Greek & Blood
I will make my enemies speak
They will shout out for mercy
Until nothing is left to spray
From their veins but air
I will bleed them dry
I will rip their hearts out through their throats
Offer it as a sacrifice to my wife
I am a Spartan
I will fight
I will destroy
I will kill
I will die
I will WIN

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