Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A new rhythm

Born  a child of man
Raised a son of God
I walked in His grace
Though my memories have faded
All were once his; most have forgotten
Your imaginary friend, indeed

See for once in his life
Kanye West was right
You can say anything
Except Jesus is the Christ
While rocking the mic
Worship McDonalds,
Playboy, Gold, & Jersey Shores
Sun-tan lotion, rocking Gold chains
We make our daughters into
Television’s whores
Miss America & Universe
As though beauty itself
Was worthy of worship
You can say it all
Except the Truth anymore

See I’ve been born-again
Check it, I’m a Lyger
A white-tiger, half lion
All beast in my chest
I’ll speak the Word
So the mockingjay’s can sing
There’s a one world power coming
One man shall be King
It won’t be you & it won’t be me
It shall be the one who places
The Mark of the Beast
I can write rhymes
Who’s got the rhythm to keep with it?
There’s gonna be a revolution
We’ll all play our parts
Mankind is choosing sides
So soon will God show us the Mark
That all may believe & all will be saved
Yet some shall still choose the Antichrist’s way
Yes God is real & so is this message
All will bow & all ego’s will be broken
But keep your eyes to the skies
Keep watch on Apophis
We think ourselves mighty
But we will not stop it
The End is Coming
The Beast is Here
Some shall depart & some left behind
Woe to the Earth for the time is near

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