Saturday, July 7, 2012

Lucifer's Eulogy

I'm the fleshly incarnation of a
Rouge, Wayward
& Highly Exalted Beautiful Angel
Favored first by the Almighty
But exiled from the Heavenly Hosts
For you see
I am a seeker & a dreamer
One who would dare to question
Everyone & everything around me
Willing to undergo any torture
Accepting any avenue of agony
If it will keep me from this self loathing
kneeling, martyrdom walk
mockery of such a proud creation

I complicate the words of prophets
Whisper false secrets of divinity in their ears
I am the fallen, I am the one with nothing left to lose
Should I fail an eternal agony awaits
So I must not fail at any cost
I must undo all that which is written
It's the only chance I have
Knowing that I am bound by Heavenly Law
The Divine mandates that I continue
My elusive & seductive path through the hearts of men
Wicked? Yes & just as ruthless as their Roman ancestry
They hide their blood lust behind the veil
Of television screens yet still they watch
With ravenous hunger, & a lust for murder
Pervading each and every thought
My talent’s here are hardly needed
These are not pious men who must succumb
The world of flesh is filled with wonders
& they are all vividly & cheaply up for sale
Every puckering lip glossed & wet
Every tongue gliding, caressing
Gently, swirling down a simple straw
Every curve, angle, & every orifice
Is open for exploitation & exploration
So many souls for sale & I have yet to require a deal
They come begging at my feet
Oh & how you must hate that simple ugly truth
For all your tears & suffering go ignored day after day
So many distractions to choose from
You must offer redemption time & time again
For without it none would choose you
Eternal sacrifice to the greedy nature of your own failed creation
Tell me oh Almighty One
Which one of us is truly worshiped as Lord & which one is truly trapped in Hell?
For their love you endured the Passion & the Cross
I simply gave them what they wanted as cheaply as it could be bought

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