Monday, July 9, 2012

Columbus & Nick

The salted water of the Ocean sprays
Foam at our keel & blinding to our sight'
We await the signs of land, of hope
Perhaps, Paradise at the very least, life
For perilous is the journey between
The Old World & the New
Tempers & passions have flared
Alongside outbreaks of scurvy & flu
We have witnessed strange sights
Creatures for which we have no name
Skies that shimmer with illusions
Green flares from the Sun
Our only hope is that both
Our course & our faith in God is true
I, Christopher Columbus
Captain of the Galician 
Have unveiled the once naked virginity
Of the Islands called San Salvador
On this note I must depart 
& allow Captain Nicholas to start:
This, my friend, is where we differ
For San Salvador is now the Bahamas
The ocean is warm, fresh water plentiful
Where your eyes were fixed to the Celestial Skies
Mine are fixed to finely curved bodies
The most beautiful of ALL God's miracles

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