Thursday, July 19, 2012

Wrath & America

Walking down broken asphalt
I live & die at the mercy of external forces
Mortal man, clay, dust, & earth
Yet our actions define us, not our concerns
Nor our mysteries or conjectures
You either live to help or to take
The World is full of takers
Would be kings, we just call them CEOs now
They own our political & media systems
We are slaves, some unwilling
Most just trying to get through this
Our thoughts are clouded, void, without form
Maybe from the drugs, legal or otherwise
Maybe from the contamination in the tap water
Maybe from sitting night after night
Reading about the True Horror
That has become our World
They show us pictures of starving children
Of little girls; prostitutes for foreign nations
You can’t help but feel angry
Maybe you gasp, or pray
You might even donate
Never knowing what use the money is going to
Ship them water & they drink
Ship them money & Warlords buy black market weapons
Whatever it takes to defend themselves in a World gone to Hell
We are the willful ignorant, the comparative children of Paradise
We are a Nation of soothsayers, we know the truth
Most of us keep it to ourselves, sometimes, someone steps out of line
Tasers to the back & felony charges keep most men contained
Maybe prison cells of iron, steel, perhaps the mind
Our rulers, the electorate, as if our choices matter
Not in a nation run by the Federal Reserve & Corporate Interest
The Military Industrial Complex
Not so complex, mostly straightforward
War generates a lot of jobs
War serves itself as it’s only master
Empires are always consumed by it
Ideals like truth, justice, & morality are forgotten
When you torture enemy soldiers
When you kill civilians
You become the thing we claim to hate
Intolerance & violence have become American Hallmarks
We worship all the wrong things, but most of all
We worship Profit
I don’t see our Empire changing course
I witnessed the fall of Rome
In my mind’s eye I see it all again
An Empire at War with Itself
A house divided we have become
Unless we make drastic changes
We will not stand
We will kneel to foreign powers
The American Dream will dissolve
Into a Great Nightmare
The future is bleak
But we have options
I believe in fighting to turn the tide of history
If we fail our convictions today
Our children will suffer the consequences tomorrow

Sunday, July 15, 2012


Shattered thoughts await my mind
The Dreams of Darkness 
Howling, haunting, hunting
My fractured vision is but a memory
Only dust, earth, & the glow remain
Who I am, what I have done
What I have seen, heard, lived
Indeed, lost
Are these moments worthy of a tale of the bards?
Or am I but an infinitesimal speck, a mote in the Great Cosmos?

Saturday, July 14, 2012


I am a Spartan
Chosen at birth
Born & breed for War
While wise men debate
I embody Ares
Every fiber of my being
Aching for Death in Battle

Flogged as a boy
Time & time again
Until my blood ran
Swiftly as a river
I fought back against the mighty
I do not yield
I do not surrender
I do not serve 
I do not kneel
I know the blade
I know the sword
I know the smell of rot & decay
My flesh is weak & my Will is strong!

I am stronger than my ancestors
Faster, just a touch more enlightened
I speak two languages: Greek & Blood
I will make my enemies speak
They will shout out for mercy
Until nothing is left to spray
From their veins but air
I will bleed them dry
I will rip their hearts out through their throats
Offer it as a sacrifice to my wife
I am a Spartan
I will fight
I will destroy
I will kill
I will die
I will WIN

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Once upon a time there was this thing called the middle-class
Happier times; many more smiles, far less being gunned down
We had autonomy & freedom, we paid our taxes & worked our jobs
Then one day large nameless corporations turned us into consumers
Now I’m not one to point fingers but he is old & has a farm
Rather, had a farm, there are very few farms left anymore
But, what about the great corn fields in Iowa you ask?
Funny how a food product can be turned into gasoline
This is not a poem, not really even a statement
This is just a rambling man carrying on in his wayward Universe

Monday, July 9, 2012

Columbus & Nick

The salted water of the Ocean sprays
Foam at our keel & blinding to our sight'
We await the signs of land, of hope
Perhaps, Paradise at the very least, life
For perilous is the journey between
The Old World & the New
Tempers & passions have flared
Alongside outbreaks of scurvy & flu
We have witnessed strange sights
Creatures for which we have no name
Skies that shimmer with illusions
Green flares from the Sun
Our only hope is that both
Our course & our faith in God is true
I, Christopher Columbus
Captain of the Galician 
Have unveiled the once naked virginity
Of the Islands called San Salvador
On this note I must depart 
& allow Captain Nicholas to start:
This, my friend, is where we differ
For San Salvador is now the Bahamas
The ocean is warm, fresh water plentiful
Where your eyes were fixed to the Celestial Skies
Mine are fixed to finely curved bodies
The most beautiful of ALL God's miracles

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Lucifer's Eulogy

I'm the fleshly incarnation of a
Rouge, Wayward
& Highly Exalted Beautiful Angel
Favored first by the Almighty
But exiled from the Heavenly Hosts
For you see
I am a seeker & a dreamer
One who would dare to question
Everyone & everything around me
Willing to undergo any torture
Accepting any avenue of agony
If it will keep me from this self loathing
kneeling, martyrdom walk
mockery of such a proud creation

I complicate the words of prophets
Whisper false secrets of divinity in their ears
I am the fallen, I am the one with nothing left to lose
Should I fail an eternal agony awaits
So I must not fail at any cost
I must undo all that which is written
It's the only chance I have
Knowing that I am bound by Heavenly Law
The Divine mandates that I continue
My elusive & seductive path through the hearts of men
Wicked? Yes & just as ruthless as their Roman ancestry
They hide their blood lust behind the veil
Of television screens yet still they watch
With ravenous hunger, & a lust for murder
Pervading each and every thought
My talent’s here are hardly needed
These are not pious men who must succumb
The world of flesh is filled with wonders
& they are all vividly & cheaply up for sale
Every puckering lip glossed & wet
Every tongue gliding, caressing
Gently, swirling down a simple straw
Every curve, angle, & every orifice
Is open for exploitation & exploration
So many souls for sale & I have yet to require a deal
They come begging at my feet
Oh & how you must hate that simple ugly truth
For all your tears & suffering go ignored day after day
So many distractions to choose from
You must offer redemption time & time again
For without it none would choose you
Eternal sacrifice to the greedy nature of your own failed creation
Tell me oh Almighty One
Which one of us is truly worshiped as Lord & which one is truly trapped in Hell?
For their love you endured the Passion & the Cross
I simply gave them what they wanted as cheaply as it could be bought


If I could sing like Aaron Lewis
Could I break your hearts to match the beating of my own
If I could travel through time
Would I hold the hands of Kurt Cobain
Tell him that I love him like my own son
How he’s a father, brother, & soul mate
All in one?
Would I have the courage to finally
Sing the songs I’ve written on my heart?
If I let it all go on a blacked out stage
Singing all alone, would a star descend
Would a new Universe begin?
Should I have prayed for an easier life
Instead of the will to be a stronger man?
Should I have broken down & given in
Instead of having my soul shattered
Into pieces of liquid light flowing all around?
If I asked more questions & gave you fewer answers
Would you tell me that you love me?
If I were dying would you sweetly lie just one last time?
Tell me I’m not a bad man & I’ll be missed when I’m gone
Would you, could you, hold my hand, look me in the eyes
Tell me what I’ve been dying to hear for so long?
Am I the combination of all my hopes & dreams
Or am I the nightmare which they fear?
Tell me my friend, when I am gone
Will anyone care that I was here at all?


In meditation I become a single neuron holding it's charge; until my heart & body sync to my will, then like a bolt of enlightenment I flash it from dream to dream, a cascade of synaptic reactions, a roaring fall of beautiful thoughts. To each man a way, to each man a day is given. I know how little that I know & that Serenity can only be found when you find Life in every breath, a stillness, a clarity, that soon becomes greater than one's own sense of self. A collective consciousness, our ancestors speak to us, & by our actions do they delight or are doomed to repent.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A new rhythm

Born  a child of man
Raised a son of God
I walked in His grace
Though my memories have faded
All were once his; most have forgotten
Your imaginary friend, indeed

See for once in his life
Kanye West was right
You can say anything
Except Jesus is the Christ
While rocking the mic
Worship McDonalds,
Playboy, Gold, & Jersey Shores
Sun-tan lotion, rocking Gold chains
We make our daughters into
Television’s whores
Miss America & Universe
As though beauty itself
Was worthy of worship
You can say it all
Except the Truth anymore

See I’ve been born-again
Check it, I’m a Lyger
A white-tiger, half lion
All beast in my chest
I’ll speak the Word
So the mockingjay’s can sing
There’s a one world power coming
One man shall be King
It won’t be you & it won’t be me
It shall be the one who places
The Mark of the Beast
I can write rhymes
Who’s got the rhythm to keep with it?
There’s gonna be a revolution
We’ll all play our parts
Mankind is choosing sides
So soon will God show us the Mark
That all may believe & all will be saved
Yet some shall still choose the Antichrist’s way
Yes God is real & so is this message
All will bow & all ego’s will be broken
But keep your eyes to the skies
Keep watch on Apophis
We think ourselves mighty
But we will not stop it
The End is Coming
The Beast is Here
Some shall depart & some left behind
Woe to the Earth for the time is near

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Universe of the mind

"The mind is a Universe
Filled with countless wonders
Epiphanies of Creativity 
Illuminating knowledge
An all encompassing field
A Singularity of the Divine"