Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Violinist

Contain yourselves gentlemen & ladies, if you can
For you are about to witness a miracle
Like the Creation of the Universe
Yet this miracle will be performed by a mortal man
With a bow in his hand, this man transcends
He becomes something more than just a man
Much more, he becomes a part of the Cosmic Mystery
As he pulls this simple tool across the strings, time slows down
The sub-atomic particles in the nucleus of an atom hold still
Even the ever misbehaving Quarks stop to pay attention
The notes sing out; pure magic, man’s greatest creation
It cascades through the air; un-hindered emotion
A symphony of thoughts & ideas all played out in an instant
He commands his art, he conducts it with ease
As true as an arrow unleashed by Philoctetes of Greece
You can hear his sorrow, or his pain, whatever his desires
Just as swiftly you are swept into a field of joy & delight
An Admiral commanding a fleet of treasure galleons
Overfilled, near bursting with all that is beautiful
They sail into each & every ear
Heard by all those who have the good fortune
To be here at this singular moment
A symphony of but one
This music is our gift to the World
The saving grace of Mankind
Even the Sun wishes to linger a moment longer
But the Moon demands it’s chance to participate
The creation of a Song is proof of our divine heritage
& as the echoes begin to fade, the people can only rejoice in silence
Allowing the last waves of sound to penetrate & illuminate the mind

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