Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Muse in Marlboro Red

Marlboro red
In both style & choice
She is a woman
With passion in her eyes
She was a Robin redbreast
With wings unclipped
The cage unlocked
Lady Freedom herself
If she chooses to take flight
This one has a trajectory
Instead of walking upon
She soars over the path

A beacon of self reliance
In a land of willing dependency
Bracelets dangling as a Gypsy
She stood tall among her peers
Not just in height
But in her stature as well
Her very nature answered: “Yes”
As the Universe asks: “Do you dare?”

This is all for you
One of my Muses
Who’s earned the name Ariel
So continue to bring delight to this chaos
& embrace the open Earth
For you are a piece of
Broken Humanity
& you have truly been missed 

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