Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Gypsy

She smiles that smile
A complex multitude of souls
Cast into a world of expectations
"But I am only me!" she cries
Not for help, but in defiance
She moves not in grace, but in passion
The billboards & advertisements of
an estranged society are such a waste
Covered by solar panels they might be of use
But that is another story

Her thoughts aren't collected
Rambling & wild 
They are ricochets;
Misbehaving little devils, violating the laws of physics
Tumbleweeds in Space
To discover, dream, & explore
She is the rising Moon
Dancing in the spaces between the stars
Her compass point's in all directions
Her path is an ongoing quest to
Bear witness to the truth
We are all Children of the Universe
With celestial bodies in our hearts
A cosmos of our own within our eyes

The goal of the journey is
The continuation of discovery
In this form or the next
She is a molecule braving the storm
Allowing the howling of the wind
To sing her to sleep
Until she comes to rest upon a temporary berth
For the World will always beckon
The wonder she has earned
Shall be hers & hers alone
For all eternity

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