Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Green is the algae
Growing upon the lakes
A fitting shade of mourning
For the end of this species
Homo sapiens 
A temporary oddity
In evolution's infinite chain

They spent their short
& often miserable, lives
Speaking to invisible God's
Trying to claim dominion 
Over immortal particles 
Weaponizing forces
Far beyond their comprehension
Few of the remaining species
Shall miss them at all
Save the flies, dogs & cats
Of course, most importantly, the worms

A great tragedy has passed
In a history all too easily forgotten
These cosmic consequences were often 
Ascribed to Gods & Angels
Weaver's of Fate
Loomer's of Doom

Extinction is inevitable
But not painless at all
My thoughts weigh heavily upon
Matter & energy
Death & re-birth
All played out here
On our only stage
The one some call "Mother"
The Planet whose Humans
Had the wisdom to call Earth 

The rocky shores are filled
With waves, spray, & foam
There is no laughter here
No claps nor cheers
No more shaded umbrellas
Plastic debris float in the Sea
Oceans they once called it
What an odd little word
For so truly marvelous an
Environment, that so many
Call Home

The trees are still growing
Their roots desperately struggling to survive
Toxin's put into the air lead to
Toxin's in the water
Oh my, what a surprise
The ashes of our decadence
Help our Mother replace
Her limited resources
Which we so arrogantly raped

The mossy grave of Humanity
Rises up from the swamp
Newly hot, wet, sticky
Teeming with an abundance of life

Monuments fractured & molded
All of our humanity
Reduced to shadowed forms
The pearly white of bone
Crunched & shattered into dust
Our Casinos mistaken for Temples
Where we once rendered unto Caesar
Our glittering gold
Here we find the monkeys 
Binding torn silken sheets & twine
Into a nest fit for a King
The Parrots now speak
They sing out 
"Paris Hilton!"
"Greed is Good"
"Harry Potter!"
"Hunger Games!"
"Move along"

A silver-back Gorilla standing alone
Matching poses with the statues
Of those other apes, long gone
He curls his fingers as a fist under his chin
He snort's with derision
"All that work,
Stupid humans
You can't eat
Marble & stone"

His new kingdom is vast
The journey here was long
But unlike Moses on the mountaintop
Here indeed was the promised land
Flush with flora & fauna 
Strong vines wrapping
Themselves around towering spires
For much like the Romans
There is always an End
When speaking of Empires

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