Friday, June 1, 2012


In the ash & sand we found ourselves 
Soldiers; mortals far beyond man
Beyond the reach of the Sun's ability to inspire
Here there is only the heat & the blood
All my life I have been a soldier
I strive to hold myself to an ideal
Those things worth fighting for
Worth dying for
The only things that matter

Now once more unto the breech my dear friends 
Not friends
Brothers & sisters
All that's left of humanity
In this land of absolute desolation
Why would men build where the only comfort
Can be found within the shadowed places? 
Often I keep these thoughts
Quietly thinking as my life ticks away
Keeping seconds on the Clock of Doom
Yet today it does not matter
Because today is the day I die
Today, is still a good day

I will not tell you "Do not weep"
Because if no one wept
What meaning was there within my life?
No, instead I say "Live"
I am your Warrior
I am your Shield 
Hailing from a land bold & bright
Much like our Viking ancestors
We are a people of song, dance, poetry, & temper
Where no real man would strike a woman in violence 
But that same man would rain down Armageddon
Upon those who would dare try
Dying thoughts ought not be forgotten 
Neither should the memories of our Ancestors
The signing of a Deceleration
The Ringing of a Bell
Life, Love, Freedom
Liberty, ah, Liberty
Freedom for a Nation
Unlimited Hallelujahs upon the day
When the True America will Rise

These are my funeral rites
The gunpowder & smoke
The beating of an all too human heart
I died so that none should take it
Not enemies abroad nor here at home
As the bile blackened blood seeps out
It as if the whole of my body weeps for my Country
For once a land of patriots we find ourselves 
Erring ever close to the Grave
Where we once built Great Ships
All that we produce has come to this
Our children newborn slaves
To our incorporated & conglomerate Masters
For want of paper currency
A soul's life debt was left unpaid
The battles must be ended; 
Both abroad & at home
Only then may there be Victory
Only then may the War be Won
May our Soldiers be remembered
May our virtues not be forgot

In sympathy & sorrow we raise up two flags
One transcendent & emblazoned 
With outstanding red, white, & blue
Another flag for the fallen
With a color
As dark, empty, & forbidding
As the eternal depths
That shade the Gloom 

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