Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day

Today is a day for Mother's
A Day to honor both God & his works
If a mother is anything she is undoubtebly
A powerful force of divine loving creation
All those living owe their existence to a mother
The one who stood beside us
Even when it seemed all hope was lost
The one who took care of us
When we were helpless, sick, or broken
The one who always got to us first when we fell
The one who was first to put us right back on our feet
Mother is a title unlike any other, it is not given lightly
It is earned
To be a mother you have to be as wise as you are understanding
Anxious as you are patient
Helpful as you are encourging
Loving, kind, & ever enlightening
Mother's are truly one of God's gifts to man
It is often said that a building without a foundation cannot stand
It is the same for the place we call Home
Because without our mother there, a home is just a house
Time, life, & wealth are all fleeting; but a mother's love, 
That is eternal as our place in Heaven above

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