Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Will of Man

Above me there is only sky
I have risen above the storm
My heart is ready to die
I have lost all that I lived for
My hopes & dreams have faded
Yet my Destiny endures
I have flown against the wind
Through malestroms & tempests
Through howling black winds
With icy shards that ripped
My broken wings apart
I dove deep within
The Consciousness of Life
I have seen beauty & mysteries
Wonders of Creation
Moments that echo & connect across Time
I have the seen the coming Glory
From atop a crumbling mountain
I have seen the Promised Land
It's a Journey to the Stars

The creation of a new conscious being

Yet I know I am marked to die
I have seen the coming of the Kingdom
& danced in the raining waters of Eternal Life
My visions both comfort & haunt me
I have born witness to the Eternal Darkness
Scorched my soul at the precipece of Hell
I have prayed to Gods both Old&New
Recieved my life by way of reply
By my own will I have conquered myself
The legacy I leave shall be a mighty ROAR
As though existence is
A Universal Savannah
As a Mighty Cosmic Lion
Winge'd I soar

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