Sunday, April 1, 2012

Poetic Eulogy

When my time comes & you all stand around
This newly empty vessel of mine
Know that there's nothing more important than these words
Let Love be the answer; no matter the question
Money is just ink & paper
Covered in the faces of Presidents already dead & gone
Nothing lasts forever & forgiveness is better
Than carrying the weight of all of your hatred around
Beauty is only in the eyes because that's where all our souls hide
Chances are usually worth taking but don't gamble with your lives
The World is treacherous & evil men abound
But tomorrow is always worth the fight
We all step out into the Darkness together
So we might as well be holding hands
Every decent man was my brother
Every woman the love of my life
I know not where the Journey will take us
But this isn't the only stop on the ride
The Soul Stream keeps flowing
The River of Wisdom can never run dry
All that we are is a spark of light in a brief moment in time
But I can tell you; that's the most beautiful
Truth that I've ever found
Love with Passion
Care with an eagerness of Spirit
Know that not all messengers of the Divine
Come in the likeliest of forms
This is for everyone, no matter what race, creed, label, or religion
If you loved one another, as much as I have loved you
You'd never need to be afraid of anything at any moment in time

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