Friday, May 18, 2012

The Last Thoughts of a Fading Consciousness

In a moment
All of this shall end
This inhaled breath
Shall be my last
The oxygen & nitrogen mix & dance
Enriching my bloodstream
My heart is beating it's final thump
The neurons in my brain
Are firing one last
Spark of consciousness

I am not afraid
Everything in front of me
Is absolutely beautiful
In fact one might say
Perfect, indeed it is
My memories stretch back
Oh how a body loves a good stretch!
I remember the laughter & the rain
Fishing at the ponds
The smell of the Earth
The breeze, oh the breeze
The sultry devestating eyes
Of a beautiful woman who was once my own
These moments wash over me in time
As do the waves commanded by Posiedon himself
This is a sexy little smirk
This doesn't feel at all like goodbye
There's no sorrow
As my consciousness
Is exhaled from my body; I know
Living, was always the meaning of life

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