Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Echos of Laughter

My how things have changed
Where once I saw dreams of tomorrow
I see only those mourning days long gone
They say all the hope is lost in the ether
Blown away by all these bitter storms
Often I wonder where our next step will lead us
If were so far off track that
There's no finding our way Home

But then comes the wind
Like a long lost friend
The sun shining on your face
Suddenly I remember
All the things I believe in
How I'm stronger for all the troubles I've faced
Braving the dangers
Creating friends out of strangers
In this silly contest we call the Human Race
I've seen the Rivers of Sorrow so salty with tears
Moment's we thought we wouldn't survive
I drank deep from the fountain
Letting my laughter boom from the mountain side
Echos of forever & meaning of thoughts we've treasured
Sait all of my thirst & my hunger
Giving me the will to embrace another day

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