Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Will of Man

Above me there is only sky
I have risen above the storm
My heart is ready to die
I have lost all that I lived for
My hopes & dreams have faded
Yet my Destiny endures
I have flown against the wind
Through malestroms & tempests
Through howling black winds
With icy shards that ripped
My broken wings apart
I dove deep within
The Consciousness of Life
I have seen beauty & mysteries
Wonders of Creation
Moments that echo & connect across Time
I have the seen the coming Glory
From atop a crumbling mountain
I have seen the Promised Land
It's a Journey to the Stars

The creation of a new conscious being

Yet I know I am marked to die
I have seen the coming of the Kingdom
& danced in the raining waters of Eternal Life
My visions both comfort & haunt me
I have born witness to the Eternal Darkness
Scorched my soul at the precipece of Hell
I have prayed to Gods both Old&New
Recieved my life by way of reply
By my own will I have conquered myself
The legacy I leave shall be a mighty ROAR
As though existence is
A Universal Savannah
As a Mighty Cosmic Lion
Winge'd I soar

Monday, April 23, 2012

Poem of a Dying Samurai

The pebbles are delicately balanced
Each merely a quiver of movement away
From falling into desolate silence
How I long to make them stay
Forever joined just as nature intended
A peculiar path with a quiet ending
The river flows forth pure as ever
Seemingly unchanged by these events
While death brings both calm & terror
Yet still I watch, held fast in suspense
As my final breath escapes my lips
Tainted with blood & bile
The pebble falls, despite my thoughts
& the wind carries all I am
Swiftly into nothingness

Every pen bleeds twice; first comes the ink, then the life's blood of the writer

Sunday, April 22, 2012


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Friday, April 20, 2012

Deconstructing a Soul

I have found serenity
In the intrinsic simplicity
Implied by our first sight
I grow into a man
I shall never know if
One is born an oddity
Or if it is a choice
The power of these words
Are clear to those who
Dare to have a voice

I find myself on Earth
A state I can only call
The Aftermath of our Proud Suicide
All these survivors just walking around
With broken hearts & aching souls
Limping legs & dangling gold
We fake that which we cannot find
We find that all the words fit
Even if they do not rhyme

I was born to love you
I was born to hold you close
I was born to find you
I was born to seek you out
I was born to heal your wounds
Pay the dearest cost
I broke my soul for you
To fill in the missing parts

I've had my share of demons
I've suffered broken wings
I know the pain in the voices
of The Crying Angels
As they slowly begin to sing

"All alone is all we are in a Universe so bright
 Oh won't you come & find us
Mysterious wake Angels
Who, with empathy, follow your plight
You'll find us when your hearts open
Just after the days pale embers fade
Watch as we dance among the rain
Guide travelers to safety by firefly's
As the setting sun begins to fade
The only truth that we've known
Is that it is only when soul mates touch
Impossible is the Spark
That the answers are found in
Life, Living, True Love, & Loss
The Meaning of this Universe
Was the birthing of the Human Heart
Watch as enlightenment touches wisdom
Alighting all it can
Opening as as a flower to the Sun
Shattering the darkness with illumination
Magic, hope, love, & mystery
Are the cradles where life began"

If I could reach
Right through these words
Help you stand up proud
I would give my blood for yours
Just to pay tribute to your graces
I would brave the inferno of Hell
Just to see your smile
Don't take this moment from the History
You are a Goddess among the populace
A Universe within the World
I'm just twisting here in this
Chaotic Maelstrom
Singing Merry Melodies
Over cascading waterfalls
Of Memories

I am aching from within these bones
It's a wound that has never healed
It was just the one swift cut
With an edge sharp as
The Wit of a Writer
Forced to entertain a King
Or face the Colosseum

There with a cold serenity
An assassins deft hand

You weilded Love
As a Subtle Knife
You cut right between
The very fibers of my being
Deep enough to expose
The Spectres & Daemons
The one true essence
I was a broken man in love
Easy prey for a wicked witch
Or a lioness panting for a cub

This flesh had so desperately enclosed
Emotions I had long forgot
Where once I was dying to be with you
Now I am just myself
With the will to overcome; yet
I have found in my solitude
The simple truth; though I may try
I cannot hope to conquer
That which dances on it's own

I have lost
My Will & Lyra
Call it creativity in prose
I have lost the trail of footsteps
That marked the path
For the Long green Journey Home
I stare into the meaningless abyss
That looms beneath these blood red stones
So let us pretend instead
That this is just a long nightmare
In the waking dream of Life

Will these words reach you?
Will they pierce through the shroud?
You've covered yourself well my lady
In falsely comforting clouds
Leaving me, oh Muse, my light
Unable to see your face

I am now a simple poet
Though you stole my light my dear
It is you who are truly blind

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Echos of Laughter

My how things have changed
Where once I saw dreams of tomorrow
I see only those mourning days long gone
They say all the hope is lost in the ether
Blown away by all these bitter storms
Often I wonder where our next step will lead us
If were so far off track that
There's no finding our way Home

But then comes the wind
Like a long lost friend
The sun shining on your face
Suddenly I remember
All the things I believe in
How I'm stronger for all the troubles I've faced
Braving the dangers
Creating friends out of strangers
In this silly contest we call the Human Race
I've seen the Rivers of Sorrow so salty with tears
Moment's we thought we wouldn't survive
I drank deep from the fountain
Letting my laughter boom from the mountain side
Echos of forever & meaning of thoughts we've treasured
Sait all of my thirst & my hunger
Giving me the will to embrace another day

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

History of Rock

I'm fighting a seven-fold war on sixteen fronts;
Feeling like a One Man Army
On a Saigon death march
Nine inch nails driven through a cross
Half the time I feel I'm so bad
I'm not afraid of the enemy
Just three doors down from Jupiter & Mercury
They found our weakness in our nicety
You're gonnna miss us when were gone
We're God's last batch of Angels
Before Kingdom Come
He saved his best for last:

I see Beatles on the Warpath;
Seething in anger
Imagination has outran man's
Sense of self preservation
I wipe the dust from my third eye as I
Ride the lightning down into a
Blacked out city
Singing "Don't fear the Reaper"
A desperado, a wanted man 
With a one track mind
There I saw  cry, there the old me died,
I became a warrior; like my father before me
I stand; I rise
I'm crushing cans with my my Pop
In the backroom of a shop
Sipping moonshine in revrence
Of the night copperhead road
Betrayed our trust

Only these cans are symbolic
Of the scrotum’s of the evilest of men
The rapists, child molester's, & monsters
They set free, I rounded 'em up
After the bombs over Baghdad went off
I gave Ahmadinejad his last wish
The streamers were all tangled up
Wrapped around all of our worst
An 800 megaton nuke
There was nothing left but
rolling stones & dust in the wind
Falling through the bluest skies anyone had ever known

Then came the Fallout
The Blackout
The Cataclysm indeed
So I gathered what survivors I could
Established an underwater Kingdom
Called electric ladyland;
Services unlimited
Far, far away
To the bottom of the Sea
You can travel down in a yellow submarine
We have everything you desire
Blacktop basketball
& Pinball,
How you ask
I'm a wizard of course
Running alternating currents
Of magic & the freedom of choice
Directly into your heart
Beware the lofty Eagles,
Though exceptional, they bite.

We even have racetracks
Where it's okay to yell out
“I'm breaking the law!”
Going 66 in a red Chevelle
Might I add
If 6 was 9 that would be correct
We'd all be in a purple haze
Feeling fine & flying high
I've tried all my life momma
But there's no such thing
As a simple man
Just like there's never been
A free bird in a turtle neck
I'm on my way out
Shooting like a star down at the bar
My only enemies are
All these changes in the house of flies
Meanwhile I'm captivated by beautifully unfriendly skies
Toting sixteen tons, six shotguns, & a .45
Marching down thunder road
He's alive & Well
He's aware of your predicament
Your Journey through Hell
In all of this chaos He's come back
To make things right
Soaring through a hole in the sky
With Christ at his side
Johnny Cash is back in black
Walking with a Pima stride
Guitar strap & black sunglasses
He said: "This time we came here to live,
Never again will a good man have to die"

So when I get where I'm going
I'll have a new favorite memory
To numb me down comfortably
A Woodstock Anthem complete with
Crosby, Stills, & Nash
A Witchy Woman & Carlos Santana
A funeral pyre in the City of New Orleans
Buy you a beer & come on down 
To the Creedence Clearwater Revival
Where all can be saved
By a force from on high
As to how we earned this last reprieve
Only God knows why
The Age of Man has ended at last
I couldn't be happier if I tried
I will not fade to black
I will stand defiant
Clothes stained with memories
Singing Epiphany
In a Kansas Kornfield
It was there that I saw last
An Eden full of sound
A margarita
A cheeseburger
Beautiful women
Great sex foreverlasting

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Poetic Eulogy

When my time comes & you all stand around
This newly empty vessel of mine
Know that there's nothing more important than these words
Let Love be the answer; no matter the question
Money is just ink & paper
Covered in the faces of Presidents already dead & gone
Nothing lasts forever & forgiveness is better
Than carrying the weight of all of your hatred around
Beauty is only in the eyes because that's where all our souls hide
Chances are usually worth taking but don't gamble with your lives
The World is treacherous & evil men abound
But tomorrow is always worth the fight
We all step out into the Darkness together
So we might as well be holding hands
Every decent man was my brother
Every woman the love of my life
I know not where the Journey will take us
But this isn't the only stop on the ride
The Soul Stream keeps flowing
The River of Wisdom can never run dry
All that we are is a spark of light in a brief moment in time
But I can tell you; that's the most beautiful
Truth that I've ever found
Love with Passion
Care with an eagerness of Spirit
Know that not all messengers of the Divine
Come in the likeliest of forms
This is for everyone, no matter what race, creed, label, or religion
If you loved one another, as much as I have loved you
You'd never need to be afraid of anything at any moment in time