Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Human Condition

These words
Burn right through me
I feel a soul
That might have been
A proud father
Who might never be at all
All I am
Is carried in these
Overwrought phrases
An Epiphany is just
A temporary state of mind
Crying meant nothing
If you've never tasted the tears of another
Fear is as simple dying alone & forgotten
With no one to mourn you

On my own I learned
That Love was a beautiful
Fleeting, and easily broken dream
That truth was more dangerous
Than all other weapons combined
I think of you when
I let all my shields down
Expose a beautiful&shattered mind
I think of you
Try to convince myself
That it's a false feeling
A moment of failing &
Nothing worth carrying around
Like an albatross & an anchor weight

Girl, I shouldn’t think of you
But I do, oh God how I do
All those other passing placeholders
Are failures compared to the
Barest whisper of your lovely voice
Can't you see darling,
I'm in love with every atom that you breathe?

You didn't ask for it but
Then neither did I
Where do we draw the lines between
Destiny, Faith, Hope, Love, & Pride?
How long has it been
Since you dared look into
My soul searching eyes
I wonder
Are you afraid
Of the passion, the truth, or the price I pay?
The burden only you could take from me
A few hundred years &
When Shakespeare wrote
Of unrequited love
My life could have been his masterpiece

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