Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sandstorms in Iran/ Queen Nothing

First a dream was faded
With poisonous lips
Ambrosia itself has been tainted
With lies like yours the
Stone Records have been recast in Iron
Finding the truth in you is
Like finding a molecule of sanity
In a sandstorm swept battlefield in Iran
Power chords raging inside in my head
Grinding lyrical power lines; electrified
A million songs left to write
With everything I've left unsaid
If victory was breaking me down, dear
Enjoy it while you can
Cause when the new Universe is risen
You won't be the center of it
You always hated my smiles
I base it all on the evidence
No more circumspect than your
Love, Loyalty, & Intelligence
Fling all your ashes
Blow all that smoke around
Choke all the air from your home
Stomp on the floor
Throw all the tantrums you dare
As distressed as you may be
A damsel you're not
So the White Knight
Ain't in a rescuing mood tonight
You've built your Castle walls on lies & manipulations
So let's see how long till it all crumbles & falls
You're the Queen of Nothing
But your own imagination
You should have turned the page
To see what the future would’ve held

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