Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Transfiguration 9/11

Muddy boots

Arlington crosses
Afghans and Iraqis
Innocent corpses
Power & Pride
Wealth & Death
The price is
Yet to be paid
The debt I fear
Is more than
We can bear
May their children
Forgive us for
Our frailty
For our fear
On this soil
An oath I swear
To the tyrants
We shall always rise
To the lost
We shall seek you out
To the fearful
We shall be your shield
To the merciful
We shall be your benefactor
To the deadliest of enemies
We shall not stop fighting
To those who would
Know their value
We stand firm
Speaking plainly
Of Honesty
& Freedom
 We are a country
Built from the ground up!
 From subjects
To colonists
Oppressed by a King
Dragged down
By a dark force
As a black hole
At the precipice
Torn to shreds
We evolved
Birthing our Lady
In all of her glory
Far more than a statue
Our liberty rang
From bell to bell
So that a day shall come
When free people
Shall reach the edge
Then from an Eagle
Shall spring forth
A Phoenix
Shaking off
The dusty hue
No mere evolution
But one man’s transfiguration

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