Thursday, February 2, 2012

Self Reflection

Every time I sit in this chair
I stare at this screen
I let the anger & helplessness
Balloon & bellow out
I’ve spent two years
Pretending, just existing
These bars are invisible
But believe me I’m caged
Trapped in this bullshit attempt at prosecution
Out of all my crimes
I will not go down for one
 I did not commit
See, greed’s never been my vice
Money’s just money, it ain’t wealth
Money don’t have your back when the gloves come off
Money don’t stand up & scream at concerts
Money don’t worry about nothing but money
Money don’t feed those starving, quit kidding yourselves
Donate a million into some warlord’s warchest
More guns, more pain, more bodies in the ground
Fathers, Mothers, Brothers, Sisters, Daughters, Best Friends
If we reap what we sow the 1% would have enough blood to tap like oil wells
I dreamed of a better world, another way, another truth
I put the batsignal in the sky
Only to find that maybe
I’m this generations Bruce Wayne
Pain, empathy for all we’ve lost
Politics won’t make it right
What matters is how you act tonight
Did you hug your daughter?
Did you bring your wife flowers?
Encourage your son to speak truth to power?
Or were you cruel & cold
All these abused women & children
And not even a 1/10th of the bruises show
Just know you’re not alone
Never, ever give up the fight
You’re a soldier in the Love Wars
I’m a General now
Purple heart & it’s torn
King of the Underworld
That’s why they call me Skorne
See past my shades, past my eyes
Straight into my soul
I am free from everything but nightmares & memories
Tears of blood
If tears were glass all I see would be window panes 

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