Friday, February 3, 2012

Love Poem

Lost within your eyes
The starlit window to
Our innermost Universe
I find far more than a
Ghost in the Shell
Existence itself bows
To the Power of Love
A Moonlit Parade follows
Our every move as
Moths dance to the flame
Who we are is who we became

Wisdom & Beauty
Yet she is the uncatchable one
 I've tried Faeiry Water, Master Balls, & Poems
So I ask within these verses
If she knows her worth?
Is she free to be free or is she running?
Will she cross the roaring stream?
Will she see past the fa├žade
Of venomous/ Strength & Power
Will she, like God, crush Babel in spite?
Surmount the tower & stay the night
Who do I trust my dear, my dear
Fewer and fewer
With each aging year
Imagination without limits
Dancing ‘round fires
Fierce as a lion inside his cave
The dying embers of a dying day

While we lie naked upon the sands of time
Racing the frozen waves across Eden's Sea
We are all who we are & 
If you’re looking for freedom my dear
It is I, that you seek 

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