Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Gale

The gale came without warning, without precedent;
Without a single thought of its own
For on this day has come the Final Fall of Man
It swept clean the ashes of our sins
The Earth still shudders from the blasts
We ripped a hole in the sky
We tore a cavern; in our souls
The air is silent now
The acrid smell of gunpowder
The stale odor of Death has gone
Our actions have left scars
Cutting devastating wounds
Deep within the Earth
Yet the sound of birds continues
The rain falls, washing radiation
Down decrepit streets
While trees stretch forth their leaves
Bringing forth life anew
This could be our legacy
This could be the sum total
Of all the actions of man
If we allow it
Centuries of art, music, laughter, memories, love of family
All destroyed by a few decades of Hate
We often all our children to bear the cost
But here, my friend, there are no children left to carry on
For in one moment of blind rage man destroyed himself
The rain is the weeping of our mother
As time folds forward the leaves cover the bodies of her children
This is the end result of War
This is the price of arrogance, greed, & destruction
This is a possible future; however, like all futures
It requires a choice
Do nothing; or burn.

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