Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Collective Consciousness

I come from deep

Within our collective consciousness
I have journeyed far
Far from the heart of mystery
That set me upon this path
I have bled
Thus, I know
That I am no God
I have loved
Therefore, I possess a soul
I remember my past
Thus, I possess a mind
I must, for deep within
I feel this flesh
Is a vessel
A midpoint in
Some greater journey
The purpose is clear
I am here to question
The purpose of my existence
I am here to laugh and cry
To experience joy
And unfathomable sorrow
Then to press forward
In itself becomes a noble goal
I enter and exit life
Learning much of myself
And the world in the process
I do not fear becoming a memory
For memories are powerful things
Far greater to be a memory
Than this temporary form
I shall live and write of it
Man shall live and
Read of it
Passing down
My worth as a human
For every stride I take
I make the path
More clearly defined
For those who come after

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