Thursday, February 23, 2012

Let me give you some poetic advice:
Love fiercely; but use protection
Everything on TV is entertainment. the real news takes place online
Be selective when you pick a hobby; be competitive with your choice
People who are cruel to animals are cruel to children as well, often silently
Pick your fights; everyone loves a surprise victory
Be creative, be bold, be daring, and most important of all
Respect Life
Do not Drink & Drive, ever, it is not a risk you are taking it is potentially someones children, husband, wife, or granddaughter.
Be Smart & Live Strong

The Gale

The gale came without warning, without precedent;
Without a single thought of its own
For on this day has come the Final Fall of Man
It swept clean the ashes of our sins
The Earth still shudders from the blasts
We ripped a hole in the sky
We tore a cavern; in our souls
The air is silent now
The acrid smell of gunpowder
The stale odor of Death has gone
Our actions have left scars
Cutting devastating wounds
Deep within the Earth
Yet the sound of birds continues
The rain falls, washing radiation
Down decrepit streets
While trees stretch forth their leaves
Bringing forth life anew
This could be our legacy
This could be the sum total
Of all the actions of man
If we allow it
Centuries of art, music, laughter, memories, love of family
All destroyed by a few decades of Hate
We often all our children to bear the cost
But here, my friend, there are no children left to carry on
For in one moment of blind rage man destroyed himself
The rain is the weeping of our mother
As time folds forward the leaves cover the bodies of her children
This is the end result of War
This is the price of arrogance, greed, & destruction
This is a possible future; however, like all futures
It requires a choice
Do nothing; or burn.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

WAR: Part I

Beat the War Drums!
Beat the War Drums!
Beat the War Drums!

You beat the war drums
I’ll write the poems:

Chaos swirling like a maelstrom
Black wind howling
An earth shattering 
Tumultuous cyclone
Whipping down a sheer
Black Grandfather mountain
Causing all to wonder if
A pale horse is coming
After all; strange clouds are forming
Beware your masters
For they are false
They couldn't poll their way out of a vault
If that fails to elicit a scare
Put up your guards
Put down the silverware
For a traitor lurks within your spine
A Central Nervous System is
Quite easy to Occupy
Now all the cannon fodder
I mean the poor
March & Salute!
Do you even know who
You are fighting for?
War is a commodity
Bought & sold
It's enough to drive
A Hatter quite Mad
Entropy in your teacup?
Not particularly pleasant
Ah but for unpredictable peasants
Are you in a hurry?  
Why, are you late?
Well I had a date
With a Wizard
Down in the Ferngully
When Profit finds out
He'll be mad as a lumberjack
Trapped in a stump
Tell Alice that, sadly
Our Wonderland Dinner
Will have to wait!
The Mad March Hare
Destroyed everything
But the plates

Beat the War Drums!
Beat the War Drums!
Beat the War Drums!

A lightning storm in space
Awakens the
Fury of the Ages
Eons of Pain
So much Hate
Unleashed upon a world
Which adores the whore
Burns a pagan mother
Upon a stake
Yet cries for peace
When hit with a stick
A world where
The 1% shit
The 99% don't mind
All that glitters keeps
Them quite docile
Pissing on the sidewalk
Is Heaven's Golden Streets
If you just:

The Economic Wars
Have left the fields
It fills our houses
It takes our names
It puts chains on every Human
Born as slaves with a bounty
We are forced to play their game
Have you ever seen an
Eagle in it's prime?
Listen while it shrieks
From a far off place
Better to be a hunter
Than the prey
I come with power
From a World
Where the sky is wicked
The lightning cracks!
Where gentlemen & ladies
Are equal
Where you don't have to see
All the dead children
With Flies in their eyes
For mine is a world that exists only in my mind

Beat the War Drums!
Beat the War Drums!
Beat the War Drums!

Of Mortal Man's
Soaring Need
An unquenchable thirst for
Destruction & Greed
Pillars of Fire scorch the sky
In that smoke are the pages
Of man's forgotten wisdom
Their only hope, they chose to deny
They are not yet ready
I have watched them as they live
As though they are Gods on High
Sinners, Doctors; Thieves, Saints
So bold & courageous
Yet so Vicious & Vile
There stands nothing sacred
That shan't be defiled
Let the Truth be spoken
In breath, in life, in word, in thought
I hear the thumping of a
Calloused, cold, frightened
Cowardly; yet, somehow, still beating
Perhaps, Republican, Heart?

Beat the War Drums!
Beat the War Drums!
Beat the War Drums!

Let not the blood of our Saint's be forgot
Holy & Precious
Is the Bread & the Blood of Life
The one & only worthy Sacrifice
I stand on my mountain
Mad as a Hatter
Fleet as a Hare
Salamandastron Strong 
Redwall Archers!
For our fallen Sire!

Beat the War Drums!
Beat the War Drums!
Beat the War Drums!

Yet still I witness
Is blind to an all seeing eye
Peeking through slivers of
Doubt & Denial
Unbreakable Will?
Another human ideal
Bathed in a Waterfall of Broken Thoughts
I aspire for more, for greatness, untold wonders
For I was taught Justice at
The Blind Lady's Feet
So that is why
I have earned my right
To clarity of mind
So when I choose to speak the truth
It would behoove you to follow suite

Beat the War Drums!
Beat the War Drums!
Beat the War Drums!

Hang all the traitors!
The Warmongering Swine!
Making blood sacrifices to the Gods of Oil & Greed
All this compensations serving as subtle lubrication
For their whores & concubines
Yet few are the Noble members
For American Congress
Is Occupied
By Traitors,
Wearing clothes of
Woven silk & whitest linen
Stained with invisible blood
They shall forever wallow in the mire
Down in Dis
Down in the Gore
Down with Maddog & Griphook
All this that they shall so proudly defend
I am committed; I shall bear witness
Till the End
I shall not stop, nor shall I rest;
While a Free Man's heart beats
Inside a Dying Nation's chest

Beat the War Drums!
Beat the War Drums!
Beat the war Drums!

God like words
Spoken with divine locution
Given the breath of courage
In the face of our lady liberty's
Pending Execution
I give Voice to the Constitution
Strength to the Will of a
Anonymous Populace
Defend our Freedom!
Shake & Revive
Our Withering Liberty!
Pray that Justice
Shall be done
إن شاء الل
Anima Hominis

Rise! Αύξηση
Rise! ارتفاع
Rise! Steigen!
Rise! 上升

As though a fading Zeus cast his
Final thunderbolt
Shattering the Titans

At last, dying;
Glimpsed Peace on Earth
Yet here & now
Apollo weps over the bodies
Of Demeter, Gaia & Aphrodite
Both Poseidon & Hades
Rage on, powerless
To stop the Rising
The Coming of the Flood
As before, so shall it be again
Only instead of water, this flood, shall be blood!

All Hail Ares:
The God of War!
All Hail Mars:
The God of War!
All Hail America:
The God of War!

Beat the War Drums! 
Beat the War Drums! 
Beat the war Drums! 
The Rise is Coming!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Twisted Poetry

 I am a wickedly twisting vortex of neurons thrown into chaotic
      mostly empty space: I am a man, & a force of nature. I do more
merely exist within the cosmos; I ponder, I question
I thrive, I excel, I reach beyond my means & shape
the world below as I see fit. I am self-aware
a Pagan, a Christian, Muslim, Buddhist,
Scientist, Explorer, Philosopher,
Wizard, Shaman, Critic, Cynic
Lover, Poet, & a True
I am not
A God;
A Man

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Twisting through the air
I find my freedom
My sense of the eternal dream extends
From my soul to my body & through my fingertips
I sense passion & fear in this World that we call home
I'm on this voyage through a sea of liquid blues & green
While my emotions run red & I spread these charred wings
I ride the winds through the Mystic Mountains of my Imagination
Turn back time, just to live it all again
Memories & Love
Are worthless; unless shared my friends

Monday, February 6, 2012

For my Father

I spent all night thinking about the morning
Sifting through memories like the sands of time
Like I really believed in Happily Ever Afters
Like I really wasn’t all alone at the end of the night
Like I was built of nothing but Pride, Stout, & Courage
But when the dim Sun came up on that broken morning
As we all stood around, tears freezing in the wind as the snow came down
Preacher said some words like he could've been your son
Then they lowered you into that cold hard ground
The last thing I remembered was I somehow saw you smiling
Laughing right through that coffin
So I turned all that sorrow into a black crow
Set it free at the base of pine tree
Once upon a time
They used to say that he was a coward
But when the cancer came
He showed us all that he was a warrior
Twenty years ago & so many stories
I still remember the smell of tobacco stalks
I still remember those front porch talks
Sleeping in your lap while the tractor wound down
I always called you Pop instead of Father but
You never raised your hand in violence
You were decent man in a World gone to Hell
You taught us how to stand like men, how to think for ourselves
& How not to be a manly husband cause you never got that right
Momma always ran the show & I always ran momma
So I guess in a way you always looked at me as the man of the house
If it was broke I learned how to fix it, from a pocket watch to a VCR
The only thing I was missing was a hot-rod car but
We had an old Chevy that ran like mule from dusk till dawn
We all pulled our own weight
I never saw you cry till that die I literally died
On that hospital bed; I told you never fear
It wasn't my time neither God nor I 
Was even close to ready
In those halogen light's I saw your soul
I knew you would never leave me alone
The say pain sharpens senses, as I looked at his face
Skin dark tanned from the Sun, rough from years of work
His voice was cracked & his hands were shaking
His lip's mouthing a prayer to "Save my boy"
No one could say if I was gonna make it
So many breaks & so many fractures
Blood, asphalt, rocks, concussions
But we all came through it
& I taught myself to walk one more time
& then I rewalked every inch of that old oak forest
Coming to a stop at Serenity Falls
It was all of one foot tall but it was a beautiful place to hide away
Six months hiking to the top of Chimney Rock Park
I let Creation know that my father raised a Survivor
Let the record state that you saved my hide more than once or twice
Without you I would've never learned
When to go for the knockout & when not to fight
How to settle things down & the true division between wrong & right
You told me every man is his own mountain
& whether you move it or not; you leave to your own conscience
So I sit down with a pen & this Farmer's Son
Had finally earned the right to become a Poet
For all the memories that no one else can share
For all the late night shadow games &
Taking the blame when mom went searching
All I know, & I know for certain
My father was a damn good man
He lived a damn good life,
He wore the same blue shirt with his name in the corner
He hated life in a suit & tie
But he taught me how to live mine

Far above the calling of a simple farmer
Life is a Battle, Life is a War
From the tragedy of my first broken heart
Who I just keep believing is happily living
Till my own dying thoughts
But this is my truth & I've laid it all on the line
It’s all I have & if it’s not enough then it’s still been worth it
To take this trip down memory lane
Cause now I can see my father’s face, plain as the picture inside my wallet
All in all, all I really wanted to say was:
Pop, this is your song
You will always be the Micky to my Rocky
The Snowman to my Bandit
When I see you in the great big Hallelujah 
I’m fulfill that promise I made while jumping off the hill behind your store
One day I'm gonna become so strong I won't even need wings
I'll just think it & rocket away up into the sky & soar

Friday, February 3, 2012

Love Poem

Lost within your eyes
The starlit window to
Our innermost Universe
I find far more than a
Ghost in the Shell
Existence itself bows
To the Power of Love
A Moonlit Parade follows
Our every move as
Moths dance to the flame
Who we are is who we became

Wisdom & Beauty
Yet she is the uncatchable one
 I've tried Faeiry Water, Master Balls, & Poems
So I ask within these verses
If she knows her worth?
Is she free to be free or is she running?
Will she cross the roaring stream?
Will she see past the façade
Of venomous/ Strength & Power
Will she, like God, crush Babel in spite?
Surmount the tower & stay the night
Who do I trust my dear, my dear
Fewer and fewer
With each aging year
Imagination without limits
Dancing ‘round fires
Fierce as a lion inside his cave
The dying embers of a dying day

While we lie naked upon the sands of time
Racing the frozen waves across Eden's Sea
We are all who we are & 
If you’re looking for freedom my dear
It is I, that you seek 

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Short love poem

I’ll be with you baby
Like a warm memory on a cold dark night
I’ll be your friend, I’ll be your lover, I’ll be anything you need
I’ll stand by your side; never in front or behind
I’ll play conch shells & surf the typhoons they bring
I’ll never shut you out, because I know what that costs
I’ll be the one if you want me
I’ll take the weight of the World
I’ll live to see you smile
When I die
 I’ll have a party waiting for you when you arrive
We’ll teach the Angels & Demons a thing or two
About what it means to be Free
The difference between living & being alive
I’ll be anything baby
If you’ll only be with me for a time

Self Reflection

Every time I sit in this chair
I stare at this screen
I let the anger & helplessness
Balloon & bellow out
I’ve spent two years
Pretending, just existing
These bars are invisible
But believe me I’m caged
Trapped in this bullshit attempt at prosecution
Out of all my crimes
I will not go down for one
 I did not commit
See, greed’s never been my vice
Money’s just money, it ain’t wealth
Money don’t have your back when the gloves come off
Money don’t stand up & scream at concerts
Money don’t worry about nothing but money
Money don’t feed those starving, quit kidding yourselves
Donate a million into some warlord’s warchest
More guns, more pain, more bodies in the ground
Fathers, Mothers, Brothers, Sisters, Daughters, Best Friends
If we reap what we sow the 1% would have enough blood to tap like oil wells
I dreamed of a better world, another way, another truth
I put the batsignal in the sky
Only to find that maybe
I’m this generations Bruce Wayne
Pain, empathy for all we’ve lost
Politics won’t make it right
What matters is how you act tonight
Did you hug your daughter?
Did you bring your wife flowers?
Encourage your son to speak truth to power?
Or were you cruel & cold
All these abused women & children
And not even a 1/10th of the bruises show
Just know you’re not alone
Never, ever give up the fight
You’re a soldier in the Love Wars
I’m a General now
Purple heart & it’s torn
King of the Underworld
That’s why they call me Skorne
See past my shades, past my eyes
Straight into my soul
I am free from everything but nightmares & memories
Tears of blood
If tears were glass all I see would be window panes 

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Transfiguration 9/11

Muddy boots

Arlington crosses
Afghans and Iraqis
Innocent corpses
Power & Pride
Wealth & Death
The price is
Yet to be paid
The debt I fear
Is more than
We can bear
May their children
Forgive us for
Our frailty
For our fear
On this soil
An oath I swear
To the tyrants
We shall always rise
To the lost
We shall seek you out
To the fearful
We shall be your shield
To the merciful
We shall be your benefactor
To the deadliest of enemies
We shall not stop fighting
To those who would
Know their value
We stand firm
Speaking plainly
Of Honesty
& Freedom
 We are a country
Built from the ground up!
 From subjects
To colonists
Oppressed by a King
Dragged down
By a dark force
As a black hole
At the precipice
Torn to shreds
We evolved
Birthing our Lady
In all of her glory
Far more than a statue
Our liberty rang
From bell to bell
So that a day shall come
When free people
Shall reach the edge
Then from an Eagle
Shall spring forth
A Phoenix
Shaking off
The dusty hue
No mere evolution
But one man’s transfiguration

Sons of Apollo

Upon this ship
This vessel of life
I stand in the wind, for

Unlike my forbearers
I intend to sail the stars
To live among them
We shall illuminate the Universe
So that the Son's of Apollo
Still stride forth boldly
Singing their flaming song
Our voices shall never be silenced

Collective Consciousness

I come from deep

Within our collective consciousness
I have journeyed far
Far from the heart of mystery
That set me upon this path
I have bled
Thus, I know
That I am no God
I have loved
Therefore, I possess a soul
I remember my past
Thus, I possess a mind
I must, for deep within
I feel this flesh
Is a vessel
A midpoint in
Some greater journey
The purpose is clear
I am here to question
The purpose of my existence
I am here to laugh and cry
To experience joy
And unfathomable sorrow
Then to press forward
In itself becomes a noble goal
I enter and exit life
Learning much of myself
And the world in the process
I do not fear becoming a memory
For memories are powerful things
Far greater to be a memory
Than this temporary form
I shall live and write of it
Man shall live and
Read of it
Passing down
My worth as a human
For every stride I take
I make the path
More clearly defined
For those who come after