Monday, January 16, 2012

Naughty Fable

In the Beginning: God creates; The Universe, the Stars, the Planets, Earth, Physics, Chemistry, Animals, & Humanity. He then puts five seeds in a bag & beside it he lays down a stick. Now many things may happen here: If someone comes & takes them both back to their home, they are a thief. A child takes them to their grandparents & honest grandparents say; "You shouldn't have taken them, they might belong to someone else. Let's take them back," Science minded grandparents tell them "Where did you get this? Now that's a good boy, if you find anything else interesting brings it to me" & bad grandparents hit the child with the stick for being late. Now a careless man wouldn't even see the stick, much less the seeds. A selfish man would take the stick & chew the seeds. A clever man would go to fertile soil, use the stick to make a hole, & plant the seeds, and water them daily. After many years pass the clever man takes his harvest & plants 100 more seeds.  After many, many years have passed he has an entire orchard of trees & pays people to pick them to sell at the market. He is looked upon by his nieces & nephews & cousins as a great success. Now very old & frail the old man lies  awaiting his death until one of the children, the cleverest, approaches asking “Grandpa, how did you accomplish all this with a simple stick & five seeds?” The old man replied; “I didn’t my boy, I had help, I used one of the two tools I had, I was born with both you see; but on that day I only had to use one.” “What was it, the young man asked?” “My mind.” The old man replied. Now finally feeling death’s embrace he heard a voice cry out “Grandpa! Wait! What was the other tool!”
“Oh that,” replied the old man, “that one I used on your mother when my brother was away. Which is why I’m leaving the farm to you.”

The End   

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