Thursday, January 19, 2012

In memory of Kurt Cobain

Just like you
I am
Not who 
I am
Supposed to be
Sorry to say
All my apologies
Are dead 
& gone away
Not that song love
Not today
This is not
There is no 
You were right
I was wrong
Infinite Infant Insecticide
Abortion of the mind
The breaking of the tide
What it means
To be free
To ride the wind
Through the mist
Without a friend
I was never good
On the one on one
How about a company?
You, my pain, and me
What’s a person
Who’s to say?
All the same
Where’s the
Elegant eloquent insane?
If I’m mad
Tip my hat into the tea
It’s warm in Summer
Still I freeze in the Sea
My lake of fire
Is in my way
Morphine drips
Second-degree burns 
What happened
To the pain?
How do I know
If I’m alive?
If nobody listens 
Sings my songs
Did I exist at all?
We all must fade
Never asked anyone
To die for me
So stay out of my head
I planted the fruit
I stole from a tree
I was blind
Now I see
I’m as naked as
I choose to be
Poetic mind games
And turns of phrase
Is everything so boring?
I’m an addict
Can’t you see?
Won’t you lay me down
Just let me be?
I’m tied to tragedy
It’s the rock star way
So I’m told
What do you do
When your soul
Cannot breathe?
Polly took courage
Misinterpreted as apathy
What do they know?
This is a tribute
To celebrate life
Never write a eulogy
Who says he’s dead
When he lives on 
Singing his songs
Inside my head
He lives eternally
He took my cross
Tossed it into a creek
Spoke to me
Through a dream
“Every line you write
Might save a life”
“It already has, it saved mine,”
I said
To the boy with
The Cheshire grin
He drew back with a sigh
It was just his way
Sad eyed with a smile
A soft wave 
No goodbyes

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