Monday, January 16, 2012

Christmas Poem - 2011

As I lay my sins down
Upon the altar of forgiveness
I beheld a great wonder
A wind
A majestic
Comforting Whisper
An Illuminating Breath from God
Blessed are those who heed these words:
Wisdom, Truth, Justice, compassion, & Love
The angels speak of a Wisdom 
Far beyond the understanding of man 
They speaks of songs sung by Stars
Songs of Truth & Joy
For behold the North Star
The sign of Christ the King
To whom all must bow
Next standing there
I beheld Justice
An angel of both 
Powerful Mercy 
Fearsome Anger
Blind this angel was
For her task was a great burden
She was to Judge Humanity
Unable to see she relied
On the only things she had
Her fellow Angels 
Wisdom & Truth
She alone could decide the fate of man
But first she must Judge
Thus she asked her sisters
"What do you see?"
Wisdom spoke first, saying
"I see mankind
& they seem so frail
Yet they fight & they war
Some are brave & honorable
But they are too few
Some are generous & kind
Offering Freely of Themselves
Shelter for the homeless
Medicine for the sick
Food for the Hungry
Clothes for those
Who have none
Yet I also see their brethren
It is their shadow that looms largest
It is that gloom that saps the hope from our hearts
It is they who have in their fear turned upon one another
It is they who have turned their backs upon God
Instead laid eyes upon the gold & wealth of this land
Not to share with their brothers & sisters
But to exploit them
For they have nothing of worth within themselves
So they seek out sparkling jewels & riches to assuage their greedy hearts
They speak not of the righteousness of the Lord our God
Or of the wonders of the Earth but of themselves
Of their own power, of their own desires
For they believe themselves to be like unto God
They may yet swallow up all the good
That is left in the World
Simply to satisfy their own limitless ravenous hunger."
Having said this, the Angel of Wisdom wept into the folds of her wings
The Angel of Justice turned to the Angel of Truth & asked simply:
"Is all that she says the true nature of humanity?"
& with a heavy heart the Angel of Truth replied 
"Yes, for I cannot lie, yet can there be no mercy for them at all?"
The Angel of Justice spoke unto her saying
"I know only that which I have been told
it seems that there is no hope of victory here
I shall leave them to themselves & they shall seal their own Fate."
Silently the three Angels wept salty tears upon the Earth
Until they were joined by a fourth Angel named Compassion
Seeing at once the dire situation at hand she called forth unto the Heavens
"Oh Father, Oh Lord, Our God, is there nothing left for them at all?"
To the amazement of all the Angels 
Almighty God stood up & walked forth from the throne  
"Oh my children, my beloved creation, where there is Love, I am.
Where I am; there is always Hope."
Saying this Almighty God worked another miracle of creation
He, himself, was begat, the spark of creation in the still virgin womb of the faithful Mary
Became our Lord in Love, The Christ
To live a life without sin, or blame
To shed his divine blood for our Sins
To open the path for all humanity to join him in Heaven
For such is the Power of Love that only God himself could wield it without error
Without hesitation & without the Love of the Self that drives us to temptation
God's Love proved stronger than all other forces in the Universe
Granting what he had long wanted for his people upon Earth, Eternal Salvation.

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