Saturday, January 28, 2012

Bondage of the Mind

Somewhere in these thoughts
Are the keys to the Universe
Yet, struggle as I might
Every avenue is denied to me
I write thought after thought
Bleeding my soul line after line
Made a bitter woman laugh
An evil man cry

As I age
I shed skin after skin
Mask after mask
Disguise after disguise
My thoughts are a spear
Thrust into the shaken heart of the Earth
For as you fail to clothe your naked villainy
I lie naked & unashamed
Gazing upon a clear midnight sky
Fear & Anger can lead only to a desolate plateau
For those who bask in the pervasive L ight of Truth
Drink from the River of Reason
Shall never again fear the Darkness 

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Maelstroms & Tempests

Maelstroms & tempests
All a'raging inside
A wicked black wind whips
As our fates intertwine
Will it be a salvation?
Shall she teach the starling to fly?
Or will she be the rouge comet
That shatters a beautiful mind?

Thursday, January 19, 2012

On wealth & death

Haunted memories
Shadowed forms
Delight within the enchanting flame
A moment, burning bright
Wealth is
Freedom from Poverty
Slavery to the Soul
For if you test a wineglass
It will shatter upon the floor
To have enough gold to fill your grave
Buried under a meaningless avalanche
Such is the Devil’s seductively faithful lie

In memory of Kurt Cobain

Just like you
I am
Not who 
I am
Supposed to be
Sorry to say
All my apologies
Are dead 
& gone away
Not that song love
Not today
This is not
There is no 
You were right
I was wrong
Infinite Infant Insecticide
Abortion of the mind
The breaking of the tide
What it means
To be free
To ride the wind
Through the mist
Without a friend
I was never good
On the one on one
How about a company?
You, my pain, and me
What’s a person
Who’s to say?
All the same
Where’s the
Elegant eloquent insane?
If I’m mad
Tip my hat into the tea
It’s warm in Summer
Still I freeze in the Sea
My lake of fire
Is in my way
Morphine drips
Second-degree burns 
What happened
To the pain?
How do I know
If I’m alive?
If nobody listens 
Sings my songs
Did I exist at all?
We all must fade
Never asked anyone
To die for me
So stay out of my head
I planted the fruit
I stole from a tree
I was blind
Now I see
I’m as naked as
I choose to be
Poetic mind games
And turns of phrase
Is everything so boring?
I’m an addict
Can’t you see?
Won’t you lay me down
Just let me be?
I’m tied to tragedy
It’s the rock star way
So I’m told
What do you do
When your soul
Cannot breathe?
Polly took courage
Misinterpreted as apathy
What do they know?
This is a tribute
To celebrate life
Never write a eulogy
Who says he’s dead
When he lives on 
Singing his songs
Inside my head
He lives eternally
He took my cross
Tossed it into a creek
Spoke to me
Through a dream
“Every line you write
Might save a life”
“It already has, it saved mine,”
I said
To the boy with
The Cheshire grin
He drew back with a sigh
It was just his way
Sad eyed with a smile
A soft wave 
No goodbyes

Nosce te ipsum

First you must know me
For I am a Samurai
My sword, pen, & wit
Are as keen & sharp
As the eyes of a hawk
My mind is still
Calm & passive
Yet capable of righteous anger
I allow the maelstrom
To pass over me
For the wind & rain
Have been here
Long since before my arrival
The World is at peace
Within this moment
Though moment’s outside
Rage as mighty tempests
Across the land
First you must know me
Then I may tell you
Who, I am

Just one of those days

One early morning
I stepped outside
And found myself
Held captive by
Two eagles
A talking hare
And four dwarves
Frankly, it was
The worst day of my life.
That’s all
I have to say about that

Magic Hour

In that misted hour
The schism between night & dawn
There came a great & fearsome wonder
Meant for eyes filled with terror
To behold as their last soul crushing sight
There lurked a primal sort of evil
Seated upon a throne of agony
Reading hymnals writ in blood
Rosey thorns of malcontent 
Hollow laughter echoing Leaving your heart to wail
At the sound of The "Chomp, Chomp, Chomp"
Of roasted crunching bones
& the mash of his over sized fangs
The beasts only marching song
The thunder of it's rage is growing
Yet held silent as the center of a storm
For soon by will of Destiny
This monster & all his rage
Will be unleashed upon the World

Monday, January 16, 2012

Universal Ebb & Flow

Some paint with colors & some paint with words 
Some sound our voices & drums far across the Earth
Some solve elegant equations with great expectations
Some speak in rhymes & riddles just to separate the lies from the truth
Perhaps our internal & external Universe is more intertwined than you know
Perhaps we are all but a conscious singularity in the wake of the Universe's ebb & flow
Perhaps all our thoughts are but mist & philosopher's dreams 
Until an engineer is found to give them birth into reality

Christmas Poem - 2011

As I lay my sins down
Upon the altar of forgiveness
I beheld a great wonder
A wind
A majestic
Comforting Whisper
An Illuminating Breath from God
Blessed are those who heed these words:
Wisdom, Truth, Justice, compassion, & Love
The angels speak of a Wisdom 
Far beyond the understanding of man 
They speaks of songs sung by Stars
Songs of Truth & Joy
For behold the North Star
The sign of Christ the King
To whom all must bow
Next standing there
I beheld Justice
An angel of both 
Powerful Mercy 
Fearsome Anger
Blind this angel was
For her task was a great burden
She was to Judge Humanity
Unable to see she relied
On the only things she had
Her fellow Angels 
Wisdom & Truth
She alone could decide the fate of man
But first she must Judge
Thus she asked her sisters
"What do you see?"
Wisdom spoke first, saying
"I see mankind
& they seem so frail
Yet they fight & they war
Some are brave & honorable
But they are too few
Some are generous & kind
Offering Freely of Themselves
Shelter for the homeless
Medicine for the sick
Food for the Hungry
Clothes for those
Who have none
Yet I also see their brethren
It is their shadow that looms largest
It is that gloom that saps the hope from our hearts
It is they who have in their fear turned upon one another
It is they who have turned their backs upon God
Instead laid eyes upon the gold & wealth of this land
Not to share with their brothers & sisters
But to exploit them
For they have nothing of worth within themselves
So they seek out sparkling jewels & riches to assuage their greedy hearts
They speak not of the righteousness of the Lord our God
Or of the wonders of the Earth but of themselves
Of their own power, of their own desires
For they believe themselves to be like unto God
They may yet swallow up all the good
That is left in the World
Simply to satisfy their own limitless ravenous hunger."
Having said this, the Angel of Wisdom wept into the folds of her wings
The Angel of Justice turned to the Angel of Truth & asked simply:
"Is all that she says the true nature of humanity?"
& with a heavy heart the Angel of Truth replied 
"Yes, for I cannot lie, yet can there be no mercy for them at all?"
The Angel of Justice spoke unto her saying
"I know only that which I have been told
it seems that there is no hope of victory here
I shall leave them to themselves & they shall seal their own Fate."
Silently the three Angels wept salty tears upon the Earth
Until they were joined by a fourth Angel named Compassion
Seeing at once the dire situation at hand she called forth unto the Heavens
"Oh Father, Oh Lord, Our God, is there nothing left for them at all?"
To the amazement of all the Angels 
Almighty God stood up & walked forth from the throne  
"Oh my children, my beloved creation, where there is Love, I am.
Where I am; there is always Hope."
Saying this Almighty God worked another miracle of creation
He, himself, was begat, the spark of creation in the still virgin womb of the faithful Mary
Became our Lord in Love, The Christ
To live a life without sin, or blame
To shed his divine blood for our Sins
To open the path for all humanity to join him in Heaven
For such is the Power of Love that only God himself could wield it without error
Without hesitation & without the Love of the Self that drives us to temptation
God's Love proved stronger than all other forces in the Universe
Granting what he had long wanted for his people upon Earth, Eternal Salvation.

A thought on love/Soul Searching

I love you because I believe that if we pressed the two broken pieces of our soul together just once, we would find ourselves complete for the first time in either of our lives

Just a temporary thought

Never close your mind to the unlikely or the improbable, to do so is to close your mind to the beauty of reality.

Imaginations of a Beautiful Mind

When your heart get’s broken by a wayward song
You’ll find the strength to carry on
When your mind is in desperate need of being everclear
You’ll find your own Serenity, believe me dear
Of all these things, as in death, I have no fear
For I am but a quantum cosmic dot
Imagining I am a consciousness
Whilst I sail a never ending celestial sea of stars

End of a Broken Road

After you left me in a daze
I took a walk
Down a moonlit
Long & winding road
Breathing that sweet Carolina air
I walked until my shoes gave out
I walked until I forgot my pain
I walked until I forgot your name
Freezing as I traced a comet's trail
Straight on through the December rain
I walked into the mist
Upon that late night
What I found inside
Can only be seen
By those who shed
The Mask of Pride
Possess a Poet's Soul

A Poet's Fire

Universal prose 
Born as a frail conscious rose 
Turns dreams into being 

On the mind/Waterfall of Thoughts

The mind is a waterfall of thoughts, ideas, and imagination
It is a wickedly twisted vortex of neurons 
Operating at the speed of thought
It is my greatest ally & my greatest nemesis
Yet I too am doomed to this unfortunate fact
As if I were reflected in a mirror, but darkly
I see myself, both Sinner & Saint
A mortal man, with a mortal mind 
Resting his head in his hands
A chaotic beautiful nothing encompassing everything

Naughty Fable

In the Beginning: God creates; The Universe, the Stars, the Planets, Earth, Physics, Chemistry, Animals, & Humanity. He then puts five seeds in a bag & beside it he lays down a stick. Now many things may happen here: If someone comes & takes them both back to their home, they are a thief. A child takes them to their grandparents & honest grandparents say; "You shouldn't have taken them, they might belong to someone else. Let's take them back," Science minded grandparents tell them "Where did you get this? Now that's a good boy, if you find anything else interesting brings it to me" & bad grandparents hit the child with the stick for being late. Now a careless man wouldn't even see the stick, much less the seeds. A selfish man would take the stick & chew the seeds. A clever man would go to fertile soil, use the stick to make a hole, & plant the seeds, and water them daily. After many years pass the clever man takes his harvest & plants 100 more seeds.  After many, many years have passed he has an entire orchard of trees & pays people to pick them to sell at the market. He is looked upon by his nieces & nephews & cousins as a great success. Now very old & frail the old man lies  awaiting his death until one of the children, the cleverest, approaches asking “Grandpa, how did you accomplish all this with a simple stick & five seeds?” The old man replied; “I didn’t my boy, I had help, I used one of the two tools I had, I was born with both you see; but on that day I only had to use one.” “What was it, the young man asked?” “My mind.” The old man replied. Now finally feeling death’s embrace he heard a voice cry out “Grandpa! Wait! What was the other tool!”
“Oh that,” replied the old man, “that one I used on your mother when my brother was away. Which is why I’m leaving the farm to you.”

The End